Matluba Dadaboeva - Yor Kelur - Audio CD

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<b>Yor Kelur </b>
Artist:Matluba Dadaboeva
Label: Iris Music France
Publication date: 2000
Format / Quality: MP3
Size: 59 Mb
Total time; 43' 32''

Matlubeh, whose name means "she who is desired," is one of Uzbekistan's most treasured classical folk artists. She began singing under her mother's tutelage and honed her skills by listening to famous vocalists on the radio and participating in weddings, circumcisions, and harvest celebrations. As she is the mother of five children, her career blossomed alongside her family duties. After several years as a soloist in Radio Uzbekistan's Shashmaqam Ensemble, her plangent voice and command of the demanding Uzbek and Tajik repertoires led to performances in Sweden and Spain and at several festivals in France. On "Yar Kelour" she is accompanied only by a robabe (a banjolike instrument) or an oud (Arabic lute), which allows her vocals to soar, barely tethered to the earth from which they came. --Christina Roden


01 Dodarakam
02 Qochiari qoralar
03 Ko'chalar
04 Gujo meravi(tojikcha)
05 Holimni zabun etgan vastona qora ko'zlar
06 Shahloga tushdi
07 Erta bian turaman nahori nashta
08 Ay Nigori nozanin
09 Bormikan 'Ona'dek aziz,shirin so'z
10 Jonim,ukajon.yor-yor
11 Yor Kelur
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